Yellow Calcite


Stones 012 Kalsitt-gul

Calcite is the main mineral in limestone and marble. The mineral usually have a white color. Its chemical formula is CaCO3, that is calcite contains the elements calcium, carbon and oxygen.

Calcite is found in many instances (eg. Kongsberg silver mines and Kjørholt limestone mine, Porsgrunn). Icelandic spat or dobbeltspat is very clean and transparent calcite used in optical instruments.

Yellow Calcite healing and increase your energy level. Your personal power and sense of self-confidence increases as that. Honey Calcite / yellow calcite is a stone that will enhance your energy. Yellow calcite also helps you in the challenges associated with change in general. Many have great resistance to changes in life and experience fear if changed. They find it unpredictable. The stone gives peace by those changes so that you can grow. It improves your psychic abilities.


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