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bilder 156TurquoiseTurquoise, blue to blue-green mineral crystallizes triklint, hardness 5-6. Occurs most often in solid form with waxy luster, crystals are rare and precious. Minerals unique hue has made sure it is used for jewelry and decorative posts for several thousand years.
Turquoise used since ancient times been found in Sinai (long since exhausted) and Iran (Nishapur, exhausted in the 1900s). The main source of turquoise is today the southwestern United States, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona (was early utilized by Indians to beautiful silver jewelry). Feels also from Siberia, Turkestan, Mexico, Peru etc. Artificial turquoise with good color came on the market in 1970.
Turquoise properties: protection against negativity and accidents, enhance tissue and liver, increase nutrient uptake, provide togetherness, love and inner strength.
Increases self-consciousness, Protection, Courage, Money, friendship, healing.